The attack of Francis Drake against Cartagena in 1586

After the English pirate Hawkins, another English invader visited Cartagena de Indias, whether Sir Francis Drake. The new noble title (Sir) was accorded by queen Elizabeth of England, in recognition of his adventure in the New World and Drake was the second men in the world to do so and also to have pillaged Spanish colonies in the Pacific.

Drake arrived to Cartagena de Indias with a powerful fleet and a well-dressed army. They penetrated at night through Bocagrande and then got to Punta del Judio (which is now the Naval club). Another team tried entering by the Bay of Animas, but a chain of floating barrels closed the route at the height of the Fort de Boqueron, today is named the Fort San Sebastian del Pastelillo.

Drake then continued on the peninsula of Bocagrande (not protected before) and got to the rampart of Santo Domingo (actually), he met a resistance, but in morning he captured the city. The English started to negotiate with the authorities of Cartagena de Indias, which went to refuge in the neighbouring village of Turbaco.

To put pressure on the negotiators, Drake started to burn at least two hundred houses in Cartagena until the authorities paid according to the deal. And during this time, Drake found amongst papers of the governor, a warning letter of the arrival of Drake. Fired, the English gave the order to destroy the top of the Cathedral in construction with a canon fire.

Finally, before this destruction, the authorities of Cartagena de Indias paid an amount of 107.000 gold badges. Drake also took jewelry, the city bells and artillery pieces.




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