Car rental in Cartagena de Indias

If you come from a country having habits of ordered driving, then we suggest you not to rent a car in Cartagena de Indias. The way of driving from people is a high risk to increase your stress and live really unpleasant experiences.

You’d be surprise to see the few number of reputed car rental businesses, because there isn’t a large enough demand and the basic rules aren’t applied.




Cartagena touristic dealsWhy want to go out of the city with a rented car when police and army controls are everywhere and could create situations where you would have to “contribute” to get peace.

If you have an accident, then how solve the problem when everything depends on factors that could put you in a delicate situation, see imprisonment… Colombia isn’t a place of great relational and objective comprehension.

How to move around? Simply with taxis. The taxi fees are indicated here in our site.