The cost of living in Cartagena de Indias

One of the essential points to know the necessary budget when we visit a place is the cost of life. Cartagena is the city of Colombia where things cost the most because it’s the most important touristic city. In other ways, in touristic building terms, the city isn’t comparable with Rio de Janeiro, and still, the cost of life for a tourist is higher in Cartagena than Rio.




To give you a small idea, we present you the fees of certain popular products and services in order to see the differences. You can also take conscience if certain sellers try to profit you.

The indicated fees are during the high touristic period in tourist zones and in Colombian pesos.

Cartagena touristic deals- 3 stars hotel room: 175.000$
- Simple meal for two in a restaurant: 70.000$
- Hamburger on the street: 4.000$
- Aguila beer at the beach: 2500$
- Aguila beer in store: 800$
- Cigarette pack (20): 3000$
- Soft drink at a restaurant: 1500$
- Soft drink in store: 700$
- 26oz of Rum at a bar: 75.000$
- 26oz of Rum in store: 30.000$
- T-shirt at the beach: 15.000$
- Flip-flops at the beach: 10.000$
- Massage at the beach: 20.000$
- Manicurist at the beach: 8000$
- Chair rental at the beach: 3000$
- Long chair rental at the beach: 8000$
- Tent w/ two chairs rental at the beach: 10.000$