Immigration formality and customs in Cartagena de Indias

When you arrive by plane from another country, the immigration formalities and customs in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia are really difficult. Since people from Colombia live in a constant climate of fear and terror, so a foolishness over security becomes an evident consequence of this fear. There aren’t any considerations of “others”, it’s always one for themselves instead of searching for solutions to improve things.



Therefore, immigration is a simple formality, but never forget that immigration is also verified before exiting the country by the DAS agents. If you exceed your number of authorized days, then you’ll be refused to exit the country and you’ll lose your return flight. A fee must be paid to obtain your “good behaviour” stamp.

Customs is a problem really too big and the politics of the government don’t favour the acceleration of the procedure to enter and exit the country. The truth is that the people who write these procedures don’t know anything else from other countries who solved the problems that Colombia are living.