The police and army in Cartagena de Indias

A simple visit to Cartagena de Indias will make you take conscience that the police is omnipresent and the army is also omnipresent when we go out in the city. When the army is present in large number in cities, it’s usually because the president of the Republic is passing.

The police include three differences (or more): the “transito” police that’s watches the streets, the national police which is general and the tourism police that we can see on the beaches of Bocagrande and the historic center having a MP badge.




Can we trust the police and army? This is your freedom and I’ll add that trust is shown with actions and not words or images. Direct actions in relations with ourselves and not propagandas of others.

By living in Cartagena for a couple of years, I observe that the salaries accorded to the police and army isn’t enough to live a pleasant life without financial worries. By example in Canada, bribing a policeman is an act that people wouldn’t attempt because policemen have a good salary and have no reason to be bought. If the police and army are there for the public order, then they’re worth a good salary to guarantee the security of all.