The politic and social situation of Cartagena de Indias

The city of Cartagena de Indias is a small touristic city that believes they’re big because people here have never seen other cities to observe better. Rio de Janeiro is hundreds of times superior to Cartagena but fees are still higher in Cartagena and Rio is still so pleasant and spectacular…

The lack of initiative from officials is incredible and few actions are made to increase the life quality of people from the country. Deeply, why change that? The civil servants believe that if the life quality of poor people increase, then they’ll lose there’s or decrease their life quality. In fact, they must unconsciously create a bigger gap between the poorer and richer people to show their high class and conserve the manipulation over the poorer ones.




In other ways, the poor ones are equally in the same boat, they believe that receiving is the ay to live better so, never in their conscience, they see that actions are shown by offering something before anything. Therefore, they try to find ways to obtain something without offering anything, without working, by example: beg, sell things 10 times more expensive, search for pity, steal, kill, etc. This is a generality.

Poor ones as well as rich ones don’t understand anything, it’s one for oneself. Collective unconsciousness is obviously the cause of poverty and the lack of lovable actions in actions is obviously an inaction that creates conflicts at all levels.

And the solution to conflicts in Colombia is: The use of verbal and physical violence to get to an end.

How do you improve the conditions of tourists if the people of the country don’t start with their own daily relations between them?