General security in Cartagena de Indias

One of the most important information for people who desire visit Cartagena de Indias is manifestly the security in general. To answer this question, people must firstly understand the intentions of the one that writes this subject.

If I’m from the Colombian government or the city of Cartagena, my intention could be to show you something pleasant to allow you traveling to Cartagena and help the touristic expansion as well as the economic.

If I’m a journalist, my intention could be to show you something alarming to get more readers by creating sensationalism without having gone to Cartagena.

If I’m a person having businesses linked with tourism, I could write something friendly concerning Cartagena in order to promote ideas and therefore improve my sales figure.

If I already made a trip to Cartagena without having any troubles, then I’ll say that the city is secure. Or else, I’ll say it’s dangerous.




Therefore, most of the people writing about this subject, make it in a non-objective way (believing they are), but according to prejudices or experiences they had. It’s up to you to discern the information between those that say facts and those that say opinions about facts or nothing.

We present you observations from a stranger tourists speaking in three languages and lives here in a quarter for many years all by constantly being in contact with many people such as tourists, dealers, sellers, entertainers, policemen, taxis, etc. Also read the El Universal to discover the daily facts of Cartagena and you’ll have more information. Especially the articles that have comments and facts…

The security in Cartagena de Indias according to observable facts


Security scale in 2009

Very safe




Bocagrande, Castillogrande and Laguito: Really high, rare are attacks, violations and other acts against people. However, stealing is regularly happening, sellers at the beach are harassing, lack of respect and often try to steal. A too large number of policemen bring doubt over security and plans with sellers. The beach closes at 6pm.

Historic center: The sections in the walls is secure but beware of thefts that can easily steal, they don’t have shoes! During the day it’s full of people and during the evening it’s full of tourists. The quarter of San Diego is also really secure in spite of its tranquillity. Few physical acts are reported against people, but steals are often happened during the day. Terraces close at 1am.

Getsemani: A special sector because of the Convention Center where everything is secure, but if you move at night in the interior, then risks increase rapidly. Therefore, it’s difficult to divide the quarter that’s divided in two.

Manga: Really secure. Few violence and steals reported. A peaceful quarter and well taken care of with medium police presence.

North of Cartagena at Cielo Mar: High security around the Las Americas hotel, few violence cases are reported. Sellers are less harassing than Bocagrande and the police presence is lower. The beach of Blas del Teso is accessible all night to sit and have a drink, but not the sea.

North of Cartagena at La Boquilla: Medium security and difficult access by sellers that run around the taxi or car to try telling you that the street is blocked (to try to bring you to their restaurant). The village of la Boquilla is doesn’t usually have violence or crimes, but still is a place to go with someone that knows the region.

Marbella, Cabrero and Crespo: Situated between the historic center and the airport, these sectors are a little dangerous and some steals and attacks are reported each month. Some homicides are also reported around each two months.

Other quarters: Security is absent, whether it’s on the street, against people or any other, cases are reported each day. Violence, crimes and deadly accidents are observable in the newspaper each day. For a tourist, it’s important to be accompanied by someone if you don’t speak Spanish.