The tip in Colombia doesn’t exist

One of the most surprising things in Colombia for a tourist is manifestly the inexistence of tip. And one of the strangest things is the one where dealers include a 10% “volunteer tip” on the bill without the customer showing his own will.

When we desire create servable and different relations between a customer and a buyer in the restoration and bar domain, a tip is usually offered to show an appreciation and therefore the waiter is much more attentive at the customer. However, in Colombia this type of relation doesn’t exist so we assist at a bad quality service, forgets, poor listening relations, a total lack of service and obviously, a tentative to profit customers with doubtful ways.



The waiters of Cartagena de Indias know that stranger tourists will tip them so they offer a friendly, lovable and attentive service. But, for Colombians who come from inside the country, rare are those who will tip, so the reality is to include a “volunteer tip” to compensate a lack of generosity and consciousness.

What would happen if tip was a habit for Colombians?
It’s easy to predict the consequences by observing what’s happening, like the example of Mexico where tip is a usual way to exchange between a waiter and a customer. Service is a great courtesy and the quality of the relations are incredibly generous… but can Colombians offer this? Can they understand that this could bring great repercussions in their economy and their tourism in general?

Otherwise, waiters in Cartagena are so used to not receiving tip that it’s wiser to give the tip before the service… I’ve experimented it often and I assure you that this is the way it works, because tipping at the end of the service is a mistake I’ve often made in Cartagena. Waiters have no hope, but giving something before, they have an exemplary niceness.