Objet :  Promotion for your customers traveling at Cartagena de Indias



I present myself, Claude Lasanté, responsible of the Cartagena de Indias Website and the goal of my message is to share with you interesting promotions for your customers traveling to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia. We are directly linked with trips and excursions operators that offer us exceptional fees and we are proud to share with you and your customers, 20% rebates on the favourite choices that are in great demand.

I don’t know your politics about promotion matter even if I’m a regular customer of Spirtit Airlines and also a customer supplier to you with my business, but I believe that you have in mind to satisfy your customers with a greater attention and therefore be different from your competitors.

Our Website informs people in French, Spanish and English about places to visit, entertainments to do, tours to make and excursions to realize. We also offer a personalized visit plan to allow people to have more time and mostly offer fees directly from the operators, so no commission mediums… Visitors can look at pictures of these places and we have filmed small movies to offer virtual visits with animation for each site to see. A visit on our Cartagena de Indias Website will bring you the insurance that we offer credible and serious information to promote tourism in Colombia.

We would like it if you could share this information to favour the discovery of Cartagena de Indias and therefore offer a trip and important rebates to your customers.

Thank you

Claude Lasanté

Email : claude@editionsmelonic.com

Website : http://www.cartagena-indias.com