Transport between Baru and Cartagena – Round trip

November 4th 2009. Since the received information from the hotel Decameron on November 3rd, a situation is to improve to increase the satisfaction of tourists concerning the transport between Baru and Cartagena. In fact, being on a peaceful island in an all-included hotel is marvellous for Colombians, but many tourists could be interested in seeing or discovering things after two or three days of beach, and Cartagena is a splendid place as well as Colombia itself. For Colombians to understand this, they would simply have to go in vacation in another country!



This transport logistic is something really complex when nothing exist and many elements are to be considered to get to something organized, with reasonable prices and profitable for the transport businesses for the ground and sea round trips.

So, I would rapidly proceed in offering a shuttle service between Baru and Cartagena in order for people to go in and out of Cartagena freely without any obligations in using our tours and excursions. Why? Freedom makes good relations… Here are the actions to do to rapidly get information and then present our offers:

Meet Amin, the owner of the Cocoliso complex which operates the Alcatraz boats in order to see with him the advantageous solutions for sea transport. The one about transfers from the airport by boat (arrival only) and going to Cartagena. Also see if we can come back at night on sea. Also see not to pay the quay tax (12.000$ pesos or around 6$). See in adding a facultative tour to discover the Rosario Islands, Aquarium, canal del Dique, Tierrabomba, and other sites.

Meet Walter, the owner of Guianza Express for the los Pegasos (Bodeguita) airport-quay transport by bus. Also see for a round-trip for people or groups that desire go to Cartagena or around the city and also to Santa Marta.

Meet taxi driving friends with radios for returns to Baru on evenings or nights.

Go to Pasacabellos in order to know the last ferry to cross to Baru, the fees and see if a bridge is or will be in construction.

Obtain information from the Decameron hotel concerning the taxi’s availabilities of the hotel in Cartagena. Also see in obtaining something from the Decameron if this brings added value to them and their customers.

Meet other operators if the fees aren’t reasonable.

Offer this service to other hotels or other businesses in Baru.



Claude Lasanté