Act in fairness for the love of you and your next one – Cruise by Cartagena

With Internet, you have the good time and the less mediums as possible, you have the freedom here, encourage the lazy people that don’t offer anything or those that bring something. More, you considerably save and your agency that’s busy to reunite a group will propose you tours at half the price for the same quality because it’s the same owners that make the tours. But with less useless mediums and profiteers…

When I see thousands of Colombians that work hard for a couple of pesos and well paid office employees that laugh at customers and tourists, then you have the choice here to encourage this unfair and cruel situation to continue or not?

Imagine 300 cruise boats with 1000 tourists and you’ll have a peek of the situation… and the price at 35$ that the owners offer you are really higher then the one they offer to cruising operators… the owners can give you a price at 60$ if you want… here we’re talking about 7,500,000$ each year.

Create jobs? Isn’t it preferable to create a better life quality to many… instead of conserving the same jobs that increase the incomes of one. More money to the same people or distribute the richness… we understand?



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