Internet allows obtaining fair and precise information – Cruise by Cartagena

Internet brings information and direct contacts that eliminate useless mediums that exist since many years and took the habit to profit of customers by sitting in a comfortable office and receiving big pays without really adding any value. This time has changed, but in poor countries like Colombia, it’s still the same and it’s one of the causes of this poverty.

It isn’t because cruise boats offer you nice vacations that you’re obliged with them to pay the double for your tours and excursions? It isn’t because you have a travel agency that you have to offer ridiculous and inflated prices to your customers for tours? The cruise operators will tell you to beware of others in order to scare you and make you use their services without knowing what others offer and therefore compare. Me I’m telling you, to beware of them… and be objective and impartial in order to see the facts.



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