Put back things at their just perspective and not continue injustice – Cruise by Cartagena

Contact us for your tours in Cartagena and therefore really make a fair action that could allow many Colombians to develop their business or create a new business. Too many people say that rich ones get richer and poor ones get poorer… but few are those with a solution to this… you have one and it’s even so simple to do.

And your conscience, how does it see this? That you can’t do anything for the poor people of other countries?

What would you do with 7,500,000$ that you would give? Give it to rich ones that don’t do anything or give it to poor ones who work? Is it so difficult to understand with facts or would you like me to tell you lies like the most affluent? Would you like to visit the poor quarters of Cartagena to see the proofs? We can go without problem during your visit to Cartagena…

If the riches and office people create this poverty (by taking money without offering something), isn’t it intelligent that they live the consequences of their choices instead of it being the poor ones?

You now have different information, but will you take different and intelligent relational decisions?



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