Why not help those who work and not those who laze? – Cruise by Cartagena

The richness, when they’re equally distributed and according to the work done, bring a better life quality to all… but conserving the same way to do that makes large businesses profit will contribute to poverty again here in Colombia by making ricer those who don’t do anything and profit of the lack of information of tourists. Here you have an occasion because you have the information and how to join us. There aren’t any excuses left…

You can say that cruise operators are specialized or experimented in this type of thing and it’s preferable like this… then can you answer me in what exactly consists their speciality?

I’ll tell you: Your money goes through many hands before arriving to the one that directly gives you the service, so do you think this speciality is difficult to do? Don’t you believe that many hands will get a grip through the passage? And can you tell me how many hands exactly are between you ad the poor bus owner?

Finally, you’ll be in Cartagena and you’ll sometimes have pity of people that live in poverty and you take pout a couple of pesos to help them? But can you help the others that are sitting in offices and receive without offering to take conscience of their unfair actions that create this poverty? Can you solve the poverty problem by also making actions in the cause and not only in appearance?



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