Deluxe cruises at 75% rebate

February 4rd 2010. If you’re an experimented traveler in the cruises domain, then you know what it is to be able to cruise at low costs. If you have never cruised, then it’s only a question of time before your first experience and get totally hooked on these type of vacations.

There’re no other trip experiences that offer the same pleasures than a cruise and it’s the summit of stress free vacations. All included services, delicious meals, the luxury furniture, fantastic climate and exotic destinations are some of the factors that make a cruise, one of the strongest growths in the traveling industry.



But what if you could obtain rebates going up to 75% for cruises, would you be more interested in trying? Believe it or not, it’s possible to get cruises from a business named Vacations to Go.

In 1984, Vacations to Go found out that the cruise companies had a dilemma. Their profits only came from sold cabins bought in advance and having high fees. They couldn’t offer important rebates with unsold cabins because people waited at the last minute so all cabins would have been sold at rebate. Vacations to Go met the cruise lines with a way for them to sell their unsold cabins at highly reduced prices without affecting their integral market price.

How they did it?
In simple terms, cruises lines use Vacations to Go in order to present the unsold cabins to their exclusive and highly confidential customers with important reductions on regular prices.

Vacations to Go actually has an exclusive list of more than a million members that dream of cruising at a fraction of the regular price, usually up to 75% reduction. It also achieved the highest level of recognition possible for its exceptional sells and superior service of all the principal cruise companies of the world.

So, how to join this exclusive and confidential list?
It’s the easy part, because al you have to do is register on their website. This is how you become a member of Vacation to Go and then you receive offers and unbelievable rebates directly by email.

Registration is totally free and once you’re done, you’ll instantly get access to certain pleasant and useful functionalities.

The 90 day code is a complete list of last minute cruises concerning large companies of the world with information concerning destinations, ports, type of boats and much more. The customers usually save more than half of what they normally pay, often up to 75 per cent.

More, there’s not only last minute offers that can bring big savings, but also find good deals such as promotions two for one for old people, military personal and others that negotiated with superior cruise lines.

Consult this marvellous site if you’re thinking about a cruise soon. Vacations to go