City tour in Cartagena from cruise ship - Profit of 750%, is it fair?


Tired of constantly losing your time with group city tours?

Frustrated that you are brought to some shops to make you buying things you don't want ?

Disappointed at not being able to take magnificent images for your travel souvenirs?

Exasperated to be abused with high prices for the city tour in Cartagena?

I am a tourist, a stranger, and I lived more than 5 years in Cartagena de Indias in order to realize the unfair situation and the total indifference you can experience during your city tours from your cruise ship.

Would you like to discover the city of Cartagena differently, in a fair and respectable way, at your own pace and with reasonable rates?




City tour Cartagena from cruise ship



You are scammed with profits of over 750%

I checked all the cruise operators that come to Cartagena to see what contained their city tours as well as the fares. Companies like Pullman, Princes, Norwegian, MSC, Carnival, Oceania, Celebrity, Holland America, Disney, Tui, Thompson, Viking, Alda, Costa, etc.

On average, the cost is $ 65 us, regardless of the number on a bus that can hold up to 60 people. Let us make a little calculation: $ 65 x 60 = $ 3900 us

- The cost of using a bus for 5 hours is 300 $ us including the poor driver and the guide.
- The cost for the Popa ($ 2) and San Felipe Castle entrance ($ 10) is $ 12 x 60 people, but in fact 80% (50) of the people do not walk to the top of the castle without a refund, so a cost of $ 220 us.

Thus, the total costs are $ 520. Therefore, we are talking about a profit of 750% ... which is not abusive, but a big scam on the back of visitors or tourists.

In fact, it is the tour operators in Cartagena who put a lot of money in their pockets by not paying the workers to their fair value and having high rates. You know, those workers who make your tour nice and beautiful! Guides and drivers.

To compensate for their poor income, they take you to souvenir shops and emeralds jeweleries where they make commissions, no matter if you buy something. And this has a direct consequence on the quality of your city tour in Cartagena. Eventually, tourists blame the guides instead of seeing all the unhealthy dynamics under that.



You are then scared to better control yourself!

Obviously, according to tour operators and cruise ship companies, it is not advisable and even dangerous to take private tours of entrepreneurs in Cartagena, because they do not have their "great reputation" nor their "great professionalism"!

But what kind of reputation and experience are we talking about here? Misleading appearances or professional scammers?

In truth, they frighten you so that you can not choose anything but their tours.

They can invent an dpay for many advertising because they have the budget to do so. They also demand that certain rules be imposed in order to satisfy only their vested interests, to keep their monopoly.

If you want to contribute to more poverty in Cartagena or elsewhere, be free to abuse yourself and make you believe that only tour operators and cruise ships are honest, reliable and fair ...

Nothing is further from the truth!



Why not choose different city tours from your cruise ship?

Cartagena is a beautiful city to visit, but you must choose people aware of your interests in order to see the city from other points of view.

I am the designer of this very popular website on the Internet and with many car owners and tour guides, I am in direct contact with them in order to help you make pleasant, safe and unforgettable city tours.

Moreover, you can easily book your tours in advance and use Paypal for optimum protection in case of last minute cancellation.

I would like you to realize that we can change this unfair situation.



Claude Lasanté