Tour Cocoliso Rosario Islands

Shared tour to Cocoliso on Isla Grande from Cartagena

Apreciate an extraordinary day of relaxation on the private complex of Cocoliso on Isla Grande in the Rosario Islands. Several activities are available awith a huge pool with bar, a private beach and a site that will make you dreaming. The only negative thing is that your day does not last long enough.






Why this shared tour to Cocoliso to Islas del Rosario?

  • See the Rosario Islands and its transparent waters

  • Enjoy a nice day on a private site

  • Observe historic and impressive fortresses

  • Relax and enjoy the great outdoors

  • Do many activities

  • Swimming on a quiet beach

  • Enjoy a typical fish meal

  • Take unforgettable photos at your own pace

What is the price for the shared tour to Cocoliso to Islas del Rosario?



50 $ us
Low season
Dinner included



60 $ us
High saison
Dinner included


- High season : December 1 to January 31 / Easter week / June 15 to August 15
- Low season : Toutes les autres périodes hors de la haute saison

How long is the tour and the itinerary?

The shared tour to the private complex of Cocoliso on Isla Grande in the Rosario Islands starts at 8h30 am and ends at 5h00 pm, so 8.5 hours.

- You must arrive at the Bodeguita pier (Los Pegasos) at 8h00 am
- Departure with Alcatraz boat or a speed boat around 8h30 am
- Navigate near the fortress of San Sebastian de Pastelillo
- Castillogrande and Laguito
- Cartagena Bay
- Tierrabomba
- Bocachica and the fortresses of San Fernando and San Juan
- On the open sea
- Rosario Islands
- Stop at Cocoliso
- Welcome drinks
- Optional tour to San Martin de Pajarales Island ($ aquarium)
- Typical dinner
- Pool, bar, beach, swimming and activities
- Departure at 3h00/3h30 pm
- Arrival at the Bodeguita pier around 5h00 pm

Details of the shared tour to Cocoliso to Islas del Rosario

Your tour begins boarding the large Alcatraz boat with a capacity of more than 150 people or with a 50-seater speedboat belonging to the Cocoliso complex.

On the way to Isla Grande in the Rosario Islands, you will discover several fortresses such as the Fort of San Sebastian del Pastelillo which is on the site of the restaurant Club de Pesca in Manga as well as the two fortresses in Bocachica on the island of Tierra Bomba : San Fernando as well as San Jose. These fortresses protected the bay from attacking pirates who wanted to enter Cartagena Bay.

On the Cocoliso complex, you will find large social spaces with hammocks, tables, chairs, a volleyball court, a tennis table, a billiard table, a very large freshwater pool with a bar and an enchanted lagoon. In addition, you can relax at the sea on deck chairs without being harassed by vendors, as the resort is private.

If you feel like it, you can stay at the resort while the boat goes to the island of San Martin de Pajarales to visit the aquarium and see a dolphin and shark show, admission is not free but optional.

Cocoliso also offers paying activities such as snorkeling or scuba diving with equipment provided such as fins, mask and gears as well as transportation to nearby sites to observe and discover the richness of the sea. You can visit the mangroves in canoe accompanied by an ecological guide or even choose a relaxing massage.

A typical meal awaits you in the resort's cafeteria during the dinner period.

What is included and not included in the tour?

The tour includes

- Transportation with Alcatraz boat tour or fast boat
- Transportation to and from the aquarium

- Welcome cocktail
- Typical dinner (fried fish, coconut rice, plantain, salad, juice)
- Guided tour in Spanish or English (basic)


The tour does not include

- Hotel-pier-hotel-transportation
- Port taxes (7 $ US per adult - Free per child under 2 years old)
- Entry to the aquarium (10 $ US per adult - 8 $ per child from 2 to 12 years old)
- Paid activities
- Personal expenses
- Tips

Images of the shared tour to Cocoliso to Islas del Rosario






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