Continuation of the Decameron hotel’s building – Baru Island (images of November 1st 2009)

November 4th 2009. Here are the important information and official results concerning the questions to ask you concerning the construction and the transport for the Royal Decameron hotel in Baru. First, I would like to thank Ansley B. which is the responsible for the Caribbean as well as Mirley M. which is the responsible of the international sales. These two people from the Decameron in Bocagrande (Cartagena) were really lovable and professional with us and gave us precise information.



An important observation : There is a large number of workers on the construction site in comparison with September 26 and by talking with the jet ski owner that brought us to the hotel, he told us that since a couple of days, they also work at night.

1- Your questions and answers obtained from the direction of the hotel
How will the transport be done from the airport? The transport will be done by bus, with A/C, by passing through the city of Cartagena up to Pasacabellos. A ferry to cross the del Dique canal and then a paved street to the Decameron is actually being done because it’s now with rocks. The duration will be 90 minutes. I’m trying to see for something alternative and awesome to get you to Baru.

Will there be a daily shuttle for Cartagena and how much? No, the only transport will be with the Decameron Explorer which will offer tours and excursions, but using a bus. This situation is problematic because there is an attempt for the monopole that could keep prisoner the tourists that could want to choose freely their tours and excursions.

If the hotel isn’t ready, what is the alternative solution? The Decameron have no alternatives because the responsible people told me that the hotel would be ready.

Will the pool be ready as well as the beach? Yes, without problem, I put importance on this because the base of the trip is heat with beaches. 3 pools will be available.

Will the other offered services (gym, sport equipment, animations, etc.) be ready? Yes, read the answers concerning December 15 and January 15.

Who will be in charge of the excursions? The Decameron Explorer. I suggest you to use their services and then compare the price, relations and communication with us.

Will Internet be available for people? Yes.

Will the hotel be ready for December 15th? No, a part of the back won’t be done. I read a press release of the hotel that the inauguration date is December 26 so then I asked for precisions because the first flight coming from Montreal is expected on December 21st (Canjet). Nolitour decided to organise this by charting the plane for this date and not the Decameron… (Most paying week in Canada). However, the Decameron assured me that the customers would be lodged in front and the 5 remaining days of work would be soundless and dustless.

Will the plane be ready for January 15th? Yes, without problem.

I care to precise that I’m creating an exclusive Website on Baru and the section “images and maps” (french actually) could really interest you : On the contact are my coordinates and pictures to join us and recognize us in Cartagena.

2- Images and videos of November 1st 2009
I present you images and videos taken on October 30th 2009.


Click to enlarge.







3- Images of September 26th 2009
Here are the images and videos taken during our trip to Playa Blanca on September 26th 2009. We used a jet ski to get as closest as possible to the hotel which has a guardian to avoid people to come too close to the site…


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   Royal Decameron Baru en construction     

Royal Decameron Cartagena sur l'île de Baru        


4- Lay-out of the hotel when done on December 15th 2009

Draft of the hotel when achieved (zoom to enlarge).


Claude Lasanté