Colombians don’t accept the facts about their lack of good manners

The people that don’t have the intention of understanding this text are generally the same people that don’t have good manners and don’t want to agree with strangers or Colombians, because they bring the evidence that they don’t want to understand a point of vu different from theirs and therefore give me reason. I thank you in advance for your reproaches…

First, we solve a problem by facing it and not by avoiding it with excuses, justifications, lies, inventions and blames… intelligent people know this so they evolve in any domain of life. Avoid a problem is the best way to give it even more strength and seeing with objectivity (with facts) is the most difficult thing because the egos to look well and prejudices are used to create filters and therefore block any news and never evolve., so no changing will be produced in the consciousness of people, regardless of their education level. By consequence, education isn’t a solution to well agree with each other, we must simply have the INTENTION of well agreeing. The intention is an action and judgment is a lack of action by using words without acting.

So, lets talk about real things and not lies to try to show images more and more beautiful, but fake, which are in fact intentions of lying to strangers and steal their money… and uniquely their money as tourists.



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