Colombians don’t have good manners and dislike strangers

February 3rd 2010. By receiving hundreds of tourists and by constantly being in contact with Colombians of Cartagena, we see a hurtful observation : Colombians don’t know how to live and dislike strangers… I know a lot of people that will try to jump on me to try to protest and justify (for their personal interests, so selfish), but why not have the intention of understanding the point of vu of others (mostly strangers) and therefore have the necessary intelligence to see the facts instead of judging, criticizing and destroy their next ones, which are be the way reactions of fear to avoid seeing the real truths of people coming to Colombia?



Not surprising that conflicts and violence are continually perpetuated in the relations of Colombia and other countries. But since I live in Colombia, I’ll show how things are and not how they’re supposed to be because life is in the present and not the illusionary future to justly avoid, not seeing the present… and therefore try to look good instead of being true at each moment.

Colombians don’t accept the facts about their lack of good manners
The people that don’t have the intention of understanding this text are generally the same people that don’t have good manners and don’t want to agree with strangers or Colombians.

This situation isn’t isolated but well generalized
The cases aren’t rare, but really a general way of life each day, we observe and live conflicts produced by Colombians.

The typical week vacation of a stranger in Cartagena
It’s a suffering for most of those that come for a week or two in Cartagena. It’s unbelievable the number of times we have to repeat to people to leave us alone.

The Colombian leaders don’t listen to strangers
The evidence, how many times they have been contacted by us to know how we feel here and not believe how we feel?

Colombians are jealous of the lifestyle of strangers
Jealousy is an unnatural feeling that consists in lowering someone to feel higher and this is so visible from Colombians.