The typical week vacation of a stranger in Cartagena

It’s a suffering for most of those that come for a week or two in Cartagena. It’s unbelievable the number of times we have to repeat to people to leave us alone and then they insult us and tell us we’re “cheap”.

We go to beach and we have to pay to sit, we have to pay for a small tent and we pay more to buy something to drink. Then, when comes the bill, they rarely give us the right price to pay and we have to fight to get gain of cause.

By relaxing and having our eyes closed, sellers continue to bother us and put their tedious products almost on us, masseuse touch us without our permission and food sellers give us heartaches with their nauseous smells.

No courtesy in the streets coming from taxi drivers and mostly the residents of Colombia, worst, they accelerate to unable us to cross a street. More, it’s dangerous to walk around because the walking spaces are filled again with tiring and harassing sellers.

How do you want us to comeback in Cartagena when during all our trip, we only want to be back home presto?



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