Colombians are jealous of the lifestyle of strangers

Jealousy is an unnatural feeling that consists in lowering someone to feel higher and this is so visible from Colombians whether they’re rich or poor. So, instead of having good relations with strangers, they create large divisions in the relations.

Rich ones show an attitude of indifference with no smile and poor ones tilt down their eyes with our presence. Those working in the touristic domain try to profit us, take more, instead of offering more. But still, we don’t have any social discrimination like it’s the case in Colombia, but the habits of this discrimination of Colombians between themselves is projected outside of them in front of strangers and even Colombians. In fact, they don’t see that we’re different because of their habit and they don’t see that we are lovable with riches as well as poor ones.

Briefly, whether you come here a day or a week, you must be well prepared in being bothered and being looked at crookedly… Colombians, in general, don’t have good manners and this is not the governments fault, nor Gods fault or any misfortune, but only in their way of behaving… and without this costing any money.



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