This situation isn’t isolated but well generalized

The cases aren’t rare, but really a general way of life each day, we observe and live conflicts produced by Colombians that constantly try to abuse us, lie to use, be hypocrite, try to profit us, and tell us mean things if we don’t buy anything, etc.

Whether we pass through the historic center, the beach of Bocagrande, in visit at la Popa or even at Playa Blanca, it’s always the same and the authorities don’t do anything to improve the peacefulness and tranquillity of tourists.

Taxi drivers increase their fees when they see us, everywhere people want our money without offering us a small smile or anything. Dealers constantly try to add prices on the bill, they make mistakes almost every time and never under, always over and more expensive… so it’s not involuntary.

We’re fed up with all this lack of lovability towards us and all these lazy homeless people that don’t want to work (can you tell me what does a 20 year old homeless in good health?). Colombians search for easiness without offering, without working.



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