Snorkeling or surface diving - Excursions in Cartagena

The clear waters of Rosario and Baru islands favour the activity of apnea diving or snorkelling because the place is surrounded by corals the protect the grounds erosion and the powerful movements of the sea.

The places around Baru and Rosario islands are reputed for their natural beauty and offer clear waters to make able to admire the abundant submarine life. It isn’t necessary to take lessons for apnea diving because a couple of minutes are enough to use the equipment. The equipment renting isn’t expensive, but it’s not a condition to be profit as a tourist.


Clear waters

Multicolour fish

Caribe corals

Plongée en apnée

Plongée de surface cartagena

Coraux îles du Rosaire




If you desire profit of a couple of hours of diving during your vacations make it a regular activity, then we offer information about interesting package deals


Snorkeling – Couple of hours

Usually, tours or excursions to Rosario islands and Playa Blanca allow people to relax for a couple of hours and therefore have the opportunity to dive on the surface.


Price in pesos: 10.000 $ (1 hour)

Description: This fee is reasonable, but you must talk with Colombians that rent their equipment, because they’ll ask between 15.000 and 20.000$ or more. There aren’t any palms in the equipment, only the mask and tube.


Free if you bring your own equipment.



Snorkeling – Complete day

One of the nice excursions to do is to rent a boat and visit the places to practice apnea diving in a more pleasant way. This activity we give you a total freedom of the places to see and allow to get a certain tranquility and autonomy. Evidently, if you’re between 8 and 20 people, you get a certain buying power so the price is really lower by person.


We invite you to choose a location boat the interest you for a memorable apnea diving day.



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