Cartagena to Baru island - Private transportation

** Also applicable from your hotel in Baru to Cartagena airport **



  Duration : 1 hour and 20 minutes

  Departure : Cartagena airport

  Destination : Your hotel in Baru island












1-4 48 $ us
5-8 75 $ us
9-14 90 $ us
15-22 110 $ us
23-40 150 $ us







- Private transportation

- Vehicle with air conditionning

- One baggage per person, if possible



- Food and beverages

- Tips and gratuities






When you arrive in a new town or are just getting home after a long trip, transportation is the last thing you want to worry about.


There is a very little transportation service to the Baru island from Cartagena airport, as in tje most cases, it is groups of foreigners on vacation who go to the Royal Decameron Hotel. In addition, there are few taxis at the airport that like to go to Baru, preferring short distance rides with a higher price.

The island of Baru is just over an hour from Cartagena airport passing through the city to get to the small village of Pasacaballos, and passing over the Dique channel. In 2014, a bridge was built to facilitate the access to Baru and above all, to help transportation to the Royal Decameron Hotel, near Playa Blanca.

Our private transportation service will drive you to Baru at any time and our vehicles are air-conditioned to offert the necessary comfort during this 1 hour 30 minutes transfer.








  • Departure from Cartagena airport

  • Walled city

  • Getsemani and Manga

  • Mamonal, industrail district

  • Village of Pasacaballos and Dique channel

  • Baru bridge

  • Arrival at Baru







** Meeting point must be well indicated **


  • Please note that your destination, arrival date time, flight number and flight company are indicated on the booking ticket.

  • Your name will be written on a board after the last check point at the airport.

  • Please show your booking ticket to the driver or guide before the transportation or tour service.







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  5. This booking ticket contains in detail all information concerning your tour or transportation as well as the information and contact details of the person in charge of the service in Cartagena.

  6. Please print your booking ticket and show it to the person in charge during your tour or transportation. This ticket is your proof of purchase.

  7. If a final payment is to be paid, then you must give it to the person in charge when you start your tour or transportation.




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Full refund, if the cancellation occurs more than 5 days before the date of service.

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