Lucho Colombia offers a free coffee bag to Canadians

One of the most important things to bring back as souvenir from Cartagena de Indias is certainly the Colombian coffee. As a Canadian, we invite you to have a drink or meal on the Lucho Colombia Terrace at the Santo Domingo Place and receive a Coffee Bag for free from the hands of this popular character. Pictures can also be taken for your vacation souvenirs. See our page for canadians traveling to Cartagena.



Lucho Colombia – A representative character of Colombia!
The character of Lucho Colombia was created by Rolando Perez in order promoting all the regions of Colombia in many social and cultural aspects.

The character is wearing traditional pieces from Colombia such as the hat, the white shirt, the green pants and many typical accessories from Colombia.

If you desire information over Lucho Colombia concerning his identification, the patriotic symbols, the mission and vision of organisation, images and other useful information, we suggest you to visit the Lucho Colombia Website.