Canadians traveling to Cartagena in 2009-2010 – Useful information

If you’re a Canadian and desire travel to Cartagena de Indias in Colombia for the 2009-2010 seasons, then here is some useful information that could bring you precisions, mostly if they come from Canadians that have been living in Cartagena for a long time. In fact, starting from December 21st 2009 to the middle of April 2010, a charted flight with Canjet in a Boeing 737-800 will serve Cartagena de Indias each Monday. Package deals are proposed by the wholesalers Nolitour and Transat Holidays.



Beware of the risks!
Like you already know, people around you can put you in guard concerning Colombia and specially those that have never came here or those giving themselves an authority title in the matter, so we invite you to see this small video (around 8 minutes) on Youtube on what’s Colombia in order to familiarize you with the possible risks…



But what’s better than obtaining information from Canadians living on the terrain! By consequence, we share with you our experiences and observations without bring judgement over what’s right or bad so that you can obtain useful information and non subjective information in order to take your fair decisions over facts and not opinions concerning these facts.

The touristic information
We present you information in categories, which we hope, will be useful and pleasant for Canadians concerning Cartagena de Indias. Pictures and videos are available on the pages of places to see and entertainments. If you desire particular information, don’t hesitate to communicate with us.

Temperature and geography
Immigration formalities and customs
Currency and withdrawing
Communication and relation
Tours and excursions
Entertainments and beaches
Purchases and souvenirs
Security in Cartagena
Other useful information




Claude Lasanté