Purchases and souvenirs in Cartagena de Indias

Which souvenirs and purchases can we buy that represents Cartagena de Indias? By living here, it would be easy for you to consider this, but when we stay for a week or two, then we buy rapidly, specially when we have one vacation day left.

Don’t forget, the sellers know with your tan when you arrive and when you’ll leave. Your buying desire increases closer to your departure!!!

The souvenirs that represent well Cartagena in Colombia are mostly personal items, therefore we invite you to consult our list to give you an idea:

- T-shirt, towel, mug, keychain with inscription Cartagena, Colombia
- Traditional hat named “Vueltiao”
- Coffee from Colombia
- Handmade necklace
- Table-mat with picture of touristic sites
- Emeralds (contact-us, my wife worked in jewelry stores)
- Rice grains on necklaces with your name written with Cartagena

Visit las Bovedas for a vast choice of souvenirs and touristic purchases


Ø Canadians traveling to Cartagena in 2009-2010 – Useful information


Claude Lasanté