Entertainments and beaches in Cartagena de Indias

Canadians or other tourists arriving in Cartagena de Indias come for the temperature, the beaches and the pleasure. Our entertainment page in Cartagena informs you of plenty of things such as beaches, outgoings, music, bars and relaxing places.

You’ll find a vast choice with pictures and short videos. If you’re looking for relaxing vacations far from people, then there’s the Baru, Rosario and San Bernardo Islands to consider. If you’re looking for animated vacations, the Decameron hotel in Bocagrande is an advised choice. If you’re looking for luxurious vacations, then the hotel Santa Clara or Las Americas are two appropriate choices.

Cartagena offers Salsa and Meringue music bars, guitar-singers in the historic center, Vallenato groups (popular and traditional in Colombia) and many terraces, mostly at the Santo Domingo place.

Our tours and excursions will know how to bring you choices and advantages. Try the chiva tour for something totally Colombian!


Ø Canadians traveling to Cartagena in 2009-2010 – Useful information


Claude Lasanté