Communication and relation in Cartagena de Indias

Spanish is the language spoken in Cartagena and few English nor French. Amiability in relations ease contacts to get along well. The Spanish on the coasts of the Caribe is different from traditional Spanish because Colombians from the region speak “costeno”. Some basic words in Spanish will be appreciated from Colombians and you’ll be surprised of the words they know in French and English, mostly those working with tourists.

Often, sellers can be harassing, but rarely disrespectful. You can also be impatient with people, but remember the hot days in Canada, would you like to decelerate or accelerate your activities?

Tip those not exist in Colombia
Don’t forget that in Colombia, there isn’t any culture in offering a tip, which doesn’t help the servable relations and also the sharing of richness. But, if you desire give a tip, then we suggest you to give it BEFORE the service because people will never expect getting a tip… and then you’ll be served differently and with care.

Important! Check you restaurant and bar bills in order to see if the dealer inserted “a 10% gratitude” voluntarily. This practice is denounced by the government and the waiters don’t receive this 10% which is usually kept by the accountant. Simply ask for it to be removed.


Ø Canadians traveling to Cartagena in 2009-2010 – Useful information


Claude Lasanté