Cartagena receives the City title in 1574

Cartagena de Indias, with time, has become an important port for the Spanish crown. And more, there were more and more jealous looks from rivals that desired obtaining pieces of the richness that the city owned.

Its port was well situated and secured, close from the mouth of the Magdalena river which is the principle entrance to the New Kingdom of Grenade, its proximity with the isthmus of Panama where all the treasures of Peru pass, its strategic emplacement in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, gave him the title of “city”, given by the king Felipe II in 1574 and after that was accorded a coat of arms with “two red lions on their feet holding hands and holding between them a cross, on top there’s a gold emplacement and over the cross is found a cross between the lion’s head with their vegetation.”

The next year, in 1575, another title was given to the city: “Really noble and faithful” for the work recognition accomplished by the population of Cartagena towards the Spanish crown.




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