The colonization of Cartagena de Indias

Almost 3 centuries have past during the colonization period between the birth of Cartagena in 1533 and the independence declaration in 1811. During the period, Cartagena was one of the most important cities to the eyes of the Spain crown in America.

However, the city became the principle target for enemies who gave no favour by sitting, looting and destroying it. But with the values of its residents and leaders, Cartagena was talked about with the entire stories who where written at its subject in this new world. Many constructions of its historic center were created during the colonizing period and brings to the city, its originality and charm.




The historic facts during the colonizing period ?


Discovery of the Bay of Cartagena in 1503

City foundation of Cartagena de Indias en 1533

The attack of Robert Baal against Cartagena in 1544

The attack of Martin Cote against Cartagena in 1559

The attack of John Hawkins against Cartagena in 1568

Cartagena receives the City title in 1574

The attack of Francis Drake against Cartagena in 1586

The inquisition of Cartagena de Indias in 1610

The attack of the baron Pointis against Cartagena in 1697

The attack of Edward Vernon against Cartagena in 1741

The fortification process of Cartagena de Indias



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