The attack of Robert Baal against Cartagena in 1544

When the French pirate arrive at Cartagena de Indias to attack it in 1544, the city didn’t have any fortresses yet and was an easy prey for the French. The pirates entered the city in a surprising way, in an early morning of the wedding evening of the niece of Heredia and they used destruction tools. The people of Cartagena thought that the noise came from the music of the wedding party. Therefore, armless, they rapidly saw their error, but the city was already occupied by the pirates.

Pedro de Hededia, as for him, fought in his own house against the pirates, but the number advantage of the enemy made him flee and hide with his family in the surroundings of Cartagena. The price for the city ransom was fixed at 200.000 pesos in gold to satisfy the cupidity of the French who then left Cartagena.




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