The attack of John Hawkins against Cartagena in 1568

The first English pirate to attack Cartagena de Indias was John Hawkins. In July 1568, John Hawkins and his pirates were seen on the coast of the Caribbean with 4 large boats and 7 small ones. Hawkins then sent a letter to the governor of Cartagena de Indias, whether Don Martin las Alas, that there are in these boats many merchandisers and slaves in order to establish a fair commerce and profitable for them.

This hint has often worked for Hawkins with other cities and therefore easily penetrate to attack them. But the governor de las Alas didn’t fall in the trap and refused the asked authorization by the pirate and gave the alert to defend the city of Cartagena.

During eight days, the city blocked the attacks of Hawkins and used intelligent tactics by changing often the emplacement of the canons in order to show that the city had a big artillery. Hawkins finally renounced, but promised to come back in force. A promise he never accomplished after that.




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