The attack of the baron Pointis against Cartagena in 1697

April 13th 1697, the baron Pointis came to attack Cartagena de Indias with a large boat fleet and started to bomb the city on the next day. The debarkation was started on the island of Tierrabomba with the solders and buccaneers to attack the castle San Luis de Bocachica defended by Don Sancho Ximeno, which courageously fought against the attack, but was betrayed by his own solders, where most of them were black slaves which at the first occasion gave their weapons and opened the doors at the French. Pointis recognized the great value of the courage of Sancho Ximeno by giving him his sword while saying “few men like you must be disarmed.”

Then the French moved slowly towards the city to take over the San Felipe Castle where a pitiless attack was made at La Puerta de la Media Luna to open the passage in order entering the sector of Getsemani, but not before the last defenders fought to keep the city.

After the authorities of Cartagena de Indias accepted to give their weapons, Pointis entered the city while asking for a Christian chorus for his victory. The pirates past a month in the city to steal and punish all citizens of their jewels. Pointis abandoned the city on July 1st 1697, with a total of two millions of gold pesos.




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