The Bolivar siege in Cartagena

Simon Bolivar was in charge of gaining back the city of Santa Marta for a patriotic cause. However, he had to pass through Cartagena de Indias in order having enough weapons to get to his primary objective. However, Cartagena de Indias was directed by the Toledistas with Juan de Dios in court, which didn’t give such weapons to Bolivar while he was the sworn enemies friend, the Pineres brothers.

The Toledistas started to search for Bolivar in the city to expulse him. The liberator Bolivar had no other choice than putting the pressure on the city by bringing force in place in Cartagena de Indias, that was concentrated close to la Popa, on March 16th 1815.

Bolivar started a diplomatic offensive, by trying to avoid useless blood between the patriotic. He sent messages of conciliation, peace and others of despair, but without any positive reactions from the Toledistas, who were scared of losing the power between the hands of the Pineristas, if he was helped by Bolivar.

The blockage imposed by Bolivar last two months and a half, who was frustrated and without weapons to advance to Santa Marta (all knowing the powerful army of Pablo Morillo from Spain after the reconquer of American provinces) left to Cartagena de Indias a message before leaving for Haiti: “With this consideration, I shake and I conceive that it’s more useful to leave in force Santa Marta than getting help from Cartagena.”

And then, before the embarkation, he left a last message: “The incident making the object of this present communication does not constitute a sacrifice, but a triumph in my heart. The one that leaves his country to be useful, doesn’t lose anything, but wins a lot for this consecration…”





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