The siege of Morillo in Cartagena in 1815

Ferdinard VII, returned to his throne after the end of the war against Napoleon, and to not wait longer to send to America the powerful military expedition lead by Pablo Morillo, the Pacific, which had the difficult task of reconquer all the American rebel provinces for the Spanish crown.

It arrived in Venezuela where Morillo prepared to leave for the New Kingdom of Grenade, more precisely in Cartagena de Indias, which was declared independent by Spain.

August 20 1815, Morillo arrived to Cartagena with his boat fleet and started to impose a blockade by not daring to use force and blood, because he knew how the city defended them in the past. The patriots barricaded themselves in the city in order to wait and resist for long, but hunger and epidemics caused many deaths amongst the most ancient patriots.

After more than three months of siege, on December 4th, the situation became unbearable with the death of 300 people. A despaired patriots meeting was established in order to find solutions or flee.





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