IRONMAN Cartagena 2017 - Travelling management that meets your expectations


If you are registered for the IRONMAN Cartagena de Indias 2017 competition on December 3rd or want to attend, choose a travelling management that meets your expectations.

For the people living in Cartagena, the lack of organisation is not a surprise, because we see this every day.

Imagine if you are doing business with this kind of person regarding the oprganization and planning your travelling logistics! Fortunately, this will not happen because you have a higher option to organize your stay in Cartagena without worry.




Ironman Cartagena 2017


Information about the IRONMAN Cartagena 2017

  • As any triathlon, 3 events are part of this competition and you can register on Ironman Website.

    1. Swimming
    2. Cycling
    3. Running

  • Ironman Cartagena 2017First, participants will swim 1,9 km in Las Animas Bay. The spectators will have an impressive view during this swimming event which starts at the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center and the La Bodeguita or Los Pegasos pier. The transition between swimming and cycling takes place on the Camellon de los Martyres square, just in front of the Torre del Reloj, which is an emblematic monument of the city.

  • Then, by cycling, the triathletes will make a 90 km distance from Camellon de los Martyres to the northern route along the sea towards Barranquilla. During this trip, they will see Cielo Mar, La Boquilla and enjoy the magnificent views of many beaches and mangroves.

  • Finally, the running event will be performed in two loops in the Centro de Cartagena or the old town surrounded by a wall for a distance of 21 km. Entering the walled city, athletes will find themselves in the colonial era and will discover colorful architecture, flowered balconies and stunning historical sites. The triathlon will end in front of the Torre del Reloj.


Your choice to organize your trip to Cartagena

Do not let the organization of your trip and your transportation into the hands of people with little conscious about your worries and intentions. You have something more important to do, because I did myself running several marathons in my life far from my hometown of Montreal!

I have been in conversation lately with a great person who is understand your situation. She is named Paola Piñeda and has her travel management business in Miami and also a branch in Colombia.

I strongly urge you to contact Paola to discuss your interests and suggest a personalized logistics for your trip to Cartagena de Indias.

USA: 1.786.4860871 WhatsApp
COL: 57.350.5551602 / 57.3013054357




Claude Lasanté