Cruise boat renting in Cartagena de Indias

Often people in groups desire pass days or special evenings in Cartagena to profit a maximum of their vacations or stay with good company. We offer conceived cruise package deals in order to visit the bay of Cartagena de Indias and therefore joyfully entertain.

Cocoliso Isla Resort is reputed for its excellent service and affordable prices for the excursions on sea. Our cruise deals will bring you marvellous moments and a spectacular vu over Cartagena. To take advantage of our fees, it’s suggested to have a minimum of people to share the fees and by consequence, able to offer to your guests or group, an unforgettable cruise.

Here are our fees and deals of cruise boat renting for the bay of Cartagena. Price in Colombian pesos.


Cruise deals

1 hour

Hour add.

Boat only



Boat, musical group (1)



Open bar, snacs, music (2)

55.000 per person (3)



Note :

(1) Welcome cocktail, musical group of 6 people, waiters
(2) Bar include national liquor (no beer)
(3) Duration of the cruise is 2 hours and a minimum of 70 people

- Port tax: 4.700 per person (changing subject)

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Your personalized visit plan

If your intention coming to Cartagena is to not rack your brain to organizing your reservations, then we strongly recommend you to see together in creating a personalized visit plan. Our customers really appreciate the fact of being well prepared so they have less stress during their visits, have less intermediate fees that take important commissions, not being harassed by ambulant sellers and being well knowing that we take care of them.