The declaration of independence of Cartagena

Close from the last decennia of the XIX century, the people of Cartagena de Indias were still divided in two sides, whether the Toledistas and the Pineristas. The Toledistas were directed by Jose Maria Garcia de Toledo and the Pineristas by the brothers German and Gabriel Gutierrez de Pineres. There was a race for the supreme presidency and for the administrative counsel in order to run the destiny of Cartagena de Indias while in Spain, the situation was restoring.

The elections were won by Garcia de Toledo. However, in their frustrations the brothers Pineres conceived a campaign to obtain the help of the population: The absolute independence from Spain.

Big partisans of the patriotic pride, the reputation of the brothers Pineres was in game. The brothers decided to reunite people by encouraging them to pt pressure for the independence declaration. On November 11th 1811, the administrative counsel of the Supreme Court reunited at the governor’s palace in order to talk about certain subjects, mostly for the independence declaration, proposed by German Gutierrez Pineres, which was part of the administrative counsel.

The people of Cartagena were crowded in the quarter of Getsemani to impatiently wait for the results of this crucial reunion. And came the news, that the independence would be reported another time and the crowd became on fire by the Pineristas, and entered the Customs Place with enough weapons to put pressure on the administrative counsel, if necessary.

In the middle of screams and applauses from the present crowd, the independence act was signed to free themselves from Spain in an absolute way and also by the force of power that represented the Pineristas. Later, the counsel ordered the public lecture of “Bando” swearing that Cartagena de Indias is definitely separated from the Spanish Crown.





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