The nine martyrdoms executed in Cartagena in 1816

Before the siege of more than three months of Pablo Morillo in Cartagena de Indias, started the atrocities of a terror reign. Many citizens of Bocachica have been exterminated pitilessly and without process, there were group shootings on the Plaza de la Merced, imprisoning for offences towards the king of Spain and other power abuses.

The objective was to give Spanish an exemplary lesson by assisting to public executions like the best way in front of the renowned leaders of the city. Nine people have been selected for the death penalty, without any investigation or legitimate defence.

February 19th 1816, the new war counsel gives the following condemnation: “After a complete investigation, the counsel condemns Manuel del Castillo and Rada, Martin Amador, Pantaleón Germán Ribón, Santiago Stuart, Antonio José de Ayos, José María García de Toledo and Miguel Díaz Granados for hanging and their goods confiscated for having committed a high treason crime. And condemn Manuel Anguiano has been killed with the weapons… and finally condemn Jose Maria Portocarrero to be hung and their goods confiscated…”

On February 24th, the martyrdoms were transported to the execution place close from la Cienaga Matuna, and their bodies were buried in the pit of the Manga cemetery. Theses martyrdoms are now renowned at the Martyres Place in front of the Clock Tower.





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