The ambulant sellers of Cartagena de Indias

All ambulant sellers will answer you that they have the free right of working and then the ignorance of anything concerning freedom so they’re constantly trying to disturb, harass and profit of customers and tourists.

Can there be freedom when sellers harass people? When you have to “no” more than seven times to the same seller, can you see the ignorance of sellers in the law of the offer / demand? f you had a restaurant on the corner of a street and there was 3 food stalls that only preoccupied of their “freedom to work”, could you talk-good about the relations of these sellers that don’t pay anything like municipal taxes?



Cartagena lost many stranger tourists since the 90s and today, tourists are starting to increase a little bit, but sellers are still more and more numerous and harassing… so what consequences will this produce?

The deciders of the city of Cartagena or Colombia really don’t know what’s freedom, because freedom isn’t in the “do” of a work, but in the “be” of a relation. By example, if my work is to steal people, then I won’t be able to tell you that I’m free to work (to steal)… and if I’m not able to steal then you’ll prevent me from my freedom of working…

Freedom is a way of being in relation with the well-being of others and not only using a word like “freedom” in order to satisfy the selfish desires of sellers from here.