The gastronomy of Cartagena de Indias

The city is renowned internationally and by this fact, many restaurants propose a varied gastronomy to accommodate tourists and offer a worldwide gastronomy that’s the same for all the touristic cities. In other ways, people from Cartagena, what do they have like gastronomic habits?

The food
People from Cartagena usually eat “egg arepas”, manioc, “corn or bean bunuelos”, empanadas”, sancocho”, plantain, coco rice, “yucca con suero”, “butifara”, etc. Many small restaurants of fast food are present everywhere.

Seafood and fishes are evidently excellent meals such as pargo, bocachico, sierra, crab legs, shrimps, squid, etc.

In the historic center, precisely at the Portal de Los Dulces, you can taste trypical candies from Cartagena made of coconut, pineapple, papaya, grapefruit and also made with milk.



Drinks or beverages
Fruit juices are in great variety, but more difficult to find in non-touristic quarters because Colombians prefer soft-drinks and beer. The most popular beer is manifestly the Aguila and than the Club Colombia. Wine isn’t a big habit of the residents.

The most popular alcohol liquors of the country are the aguardiente the looks like pernod and there’s the brown rum.


bière et boisson de Colombie