What are the true fees of taxis in Cartagena?

Many tourists desire know the fees of taxis to go to the historic center from their lodging place in order to know the price and therefore not be abused by some drivers who can profit them because there aren’t counters available in taxis. Therefore, we present you the actual fees in 2009 and they’re the same for the return. If you can’t obtain these fees, then you suggest you to communicate with the taxi station 255 with the number 677-0100 which they’ll pick you up wherever you are with honest fees.

The fees to go to the historic center in Colombian pesos in 2009 are:

Bocagrande, Laguito and Castillogrande: 5000-6000$
Cadrero: 4000-5000$
Crespo: 5000-6000$
Blas el Teso: 6000-7000 $
Pie de la Popa: 6000-7000 $
Manga et maritime terminal: 5000-6000 $
Bus terminal: 10.000-12.000 $