The temperature in Cartagena de Indias

The favourable temperature in Cartagena de Indias is between end of November and the end of April, because during this period, there is no rain that’s usually observed. The maximum temperature is between 30 and 33 degrees C during all year with minimums of 23 to 27.

Many sites on Internet propose you to check the temperature in Cartagena, but once on place, people don’t check it anymore, so it’s more important to know the periods than the days for a better preparation concerning your vacations here.



The month of September and October are cloudier with some rain, but the sun is often present each day. A brisk is felt in January and February, what allows to appreciate a stay on the beach. Sometimes the tide is higher during one or two weeks in the beginning of December.

The sun is at its zenith twice over Cartagena, whether at the beginning of May and the end of August and evidently, it’s important to protect from the sun all year long for those not yet having a background protection in order avoiding any sunburns.