The violence in Cartagena de Indias

One of the biggest mistakes that human beings make in solving conflicts is to use violence as solution. People live a problem and so to get the last word, to win the cause to get to an end, use verbal and physical violence as solution. This problem isn’t only in Cartagena, but all around the planet. Therefore, instead of solving a problem, people multiply problems without noticing it.

Cartagena is a place where people are really violent. Whether it’s at home, at school, at work, on the street, between friends, etc. violence is the answer at a problem. You only have to live certain problems to really see these facts. And a problem isn’t something good or bad, it’s an opportunity to evolve and live differently.




IWhy using the violence?
Simply that education conditioned people to use this and that kids see this everyday as solution at a problem. Therefore, adults, that where kids, have deep habits inside of being violent when a problem happens.

What’s a problem?
Here’s the question that could change the perception of people, but rare are those that are interested in agreeing better with themselves and others. But still, this action of well agreeing simply creates what people don’t have: richness and a life quality.

A problem is simply a consequence (uncomfortable feeling) that we create unconsciously in order to get a possibility of experience to evolve in consciousness. If we don’t make new choices, then we’ll recreate the same uncomfortable feelings to send us in a new opportunity to evolve. It’s the reason why problems come back again (like poverty), because our choices weren’t advised.

The large majority of problems are produced when two people or more don’t have the same desires or intentions, so each one try to win, obtain their own desire, without understanding that the only functional solution is to arrive at realizing the desires of both of them. Observe yourself and you’ll see that it’s really this that’s happening.