Make a trip to Cartagena de Indias

The interests are numerous to come to Cartagena de Indias and the one that could be really interesting is to discover the historic city and the pirate’s history. However, the intention that stays up the list is to profit of the sea and the temperature in order to relax and entertain. If you come from another country than Colombia, then a trip of at least two weeks is a good choice to get to know Cartagena de Indias with more details.



There exist hundreds of places to see and appreciate the place and many pleasant entertainments to have fun in order to take pictures and bring them back as souvenirs. The temperature in Cartagena is magnificent for a great part of the year and the water of the sea is constantly really warm.

The restaurants are numerous to choose your gastronomy in Cartagena and an outgoing to the historic center will bring a great feeling by using a carriage tour that will bring a different vision of the historic center all by appreciating the décor that’s presented to you.